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Monday, November 11, 2013

Album of the week: week 2

Hello music fans.  Do I have a treat for you!  This week I have an album to introduce to you that has some serious sentimental value to me.  This week's album is Bring Me Your Love by City And Colour. 

For me, this album is a boy who cares for me unconditionally.  It's a memory of a friend picking me up after a rough day.  It's, of course, also just some beautiful music. 
The song I'm going to recommend is the song I was recommended to introduce me to City And Colour: The Girl.  It's a beautiful song, and, even though it's like sixth minutes long, it's worth listening to every second.  For me, this song will always be a smile and love from a friend.  I hope it can be something just as special for you.

click here to listen to the album