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Thursday, December 12, 2013

The Perfect Holiday Party Outfit

Tis the season... for holiday parties!  We all know that Christmas parties are different than all the other parties of the year.  Your wardrobe has to compete with the tinsel on the tree.  Holiday parties are my favorite parties to dress for because this is when it's acceptable to wear a sequin top or really bold jewelry.  Here are a few easy tips for the perfect party outfit.

If you're too timid to wear something shimmery and bold, you can get that little bit of sparkle from your jewelry.  This is the time to pull out that big crystal snowflake pendant, those giant drop earrings hidden in the back of your jewelry box, or that vibrant choker that's just too bold for your normal wardrobe.  Pair any of these with a red sweater dress, or a skirt and sweater with knee-high boots and then you're ready to rock around any Christmas tree.

You can never go wrong with silk or satin.  The natural gleam of these fabrics adds a special touch to your Christmas wardrobe.  You'll shine and shimmer by the glow from the fireplace and make the statement that, like your dress, you're smooth and flirty.  A knee-length silk dress is a holiday must-have.

Rock a cropped sweater or cardigan with a bold textured skirt.  Velvet is great for this season.  So are tweed and corduroy.  Pair this with your favorite pumps, and you're ready to go.