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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Album of the week: week 7.5

Merry Christmas!  So, now that I'm home with my family and my dog and sleeping in my own bed, I'm no longer a Grinch!  Since my earlier album for the week was only an EP, I'm going to give you a second album.  This week's album is one of my Christmas favorites; it's Home For Christmas by *NSYNC.  This is album is full of Christmas tradition for me.  Every year when my mom, sister, my sister's best friend, my best friend, and I all decorate the Christmas tree together, we listen to this and drink hot chocolate (or hot tea).  Though the tree, friends, and house have changed, this tradition stays the same. 

The song of the week is one that will get you in the Christmas Spirit without fail.  This song is Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays.  If it fails to get you in the Christmas spirit, I honestly don't know what will. 

Click here to listen to this week's album.

Click here to listen to this week's song.